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AMA with PSA President

Hi Folks! I'm not sure if any of you here had a chance to check out the Live AMA I did on Instagram yesterday. Sharing the link to the recording below. I touch on several topics that I know are discussed often on the forums.

I hope to do more of these in the future.



Ryan Hoge - PSA President, IG: @maysmantle


  • I checked it out. Some good questions were asked regarding POP control and current grading inconsistencies.

    His answer about POP control was a bit flawed - to paraphrase - he says that there is definitely no POP control happening, but certain cards get more scrutiny (such as a 1975 Topps George Brett rookie) and PSA wants to make sure that those cards are definitely the grade they are given. One could argue why all cards aren't treated equally during the grading process - value should not have a factor in how a card is graded. Only condition should factor.

    And about concerns of modern graders grading vintage - he says that cards are routed to graders that specialize in them. Vintage goes to vintage graders, modern goes to modern graders. I'd like to believe it, but actual grading results as of late and feedback from experienced submitters shows that either there is a pool of inexperienced graders and/or grading standards have changed within PSA. The inconsistency of how you can have a card graded PSA 5 one day, crack it out, and get a PSA 8 or 9 the next, should not be happening so frequently.

    Ryan, I think you'd get more traction on the forums if you give time stamps for certain questions / answers in the video. A lot of good info in the video.

  • RonSportscardsRonSportscards Posts: 731 ✭✭✭✭

    The audio is way too low. I missed hearing so much of it I stopped watching.
    And there is no way to go back and replay portions of the video.

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