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1947-66 exhibits cards

I've been using psa for grading cards, autographs, tickets for about 10 years....over the years i've had hundreds of 1947-66 exhibit cards graded by psa...I submitted on 3/7/23 a batch of 48 1947-66 exhibit cards to be graded and received them about 5 months later (2 months later than estimate)....But they only graded 44 and wouldn't grade cards for Newcombe, Hodges, Reese and Aaron...they said they no longer grade these cards...no reason they just said i'd have to go to "research specialist" to see if maybe they would grade them...these cards are all listed in their price guide and auction results as cards they grade....this is hard to believe since i recently sold a similar Hodges card that psa graded for me 2 years ago....and they don't grade Aaron?....and i've never been turned down in 10 years?....it's been about 2 months of back and forth emails and getting the run around....the psa site says psa is "the most trusted name in grading", which i believed until now....would apprciate your comments on this matter....thanks....mike donohew


  • JoeBanzaiJoeBanzai Posts: 10,882 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Welcome to the boards!
    I have been submitting to PSA since almost day one.
    When PSA makes a mistake, they don't want to admit it, and they don't really offer any explanation when they make their decisions.
    I could go on for a long time on the disputes I have had with them, but I won't.
    There used to be a couple of great employees that helped me when I was a customer, Gayle Kean and Cosetta Robbins. If they are still there, they may be able to help.
    Good luck, you'll need it.

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    Do you have a picture of the Aaron? A mentioned, PSA will not admit a mistake due to opening a legal can of worms...

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