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Unpeeled Topps Mystery Finest set/Gretzky?

I have recently retired and decided to break out my collection of sports cards that I've had stashed away for decades. One item I've found is literally a mystery, as I have not been able to find a price/value anywhere. I have a complete 20-card set of 1998-99 Topps Mystery Finest Hockey cards UNPEELED. They are all in NM/M, and the M4-Gretzky looks pristine. I can't find unpeeled versions of the cards priced or for sale anywhere. I (and my son, who will inherit my collection, lol) thank you in advance for any intel on this!


  • rmh111985rmh111985 Posts: 390 ✭✭✭✭

    The tough one with this unpeeled set is you don't know if you have Bronze, Silver or Gold underneath. That makes a big difference on the set value. I've only seen a few random singles with the black coating still on them, so valuing the entire set is a tough one. Are any of them refractors? It would say "REFRACTOR" between the stats headers on the back of the card.

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  • Yeah, I'm aware of the three variations. I know most people peel them to see what they have, but I would assume the unpeeled versions are interesting and valuable -- esp Gretzky. So that's my problem. I can't make the decision on whether to peel since I don't know what's under there and they may retain more value (unknown $$) if unpeeled. Unfortunately, no Refractors.

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