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I'm Logan and I thank admin for accepting my membership to this site. I have been collecting for about 7ish years now. I've managed to put together a nice little collection (in my eyes). But unfortunately hard times have fell upon me so I'm having to sell my collection. All the coins of any value are in 2x2 flips and in sleeves inside binders. There's probably close to at least on of every coin minted since the Indian head penny. There is a couple of Morgan's and a Peace dollar. Several Ike's, SBA's, Sacs, Presidential dollars as well as AIDs. There are several Walking lib. halves along with Franklins and JFK's. There are Indian, Buffalo, wheats and modern pennies. Dimes are scarce but there are a couple of Barber dimes and a few Mercury's and some Roosevelt's. Nickels include multiple Liberties, Buffalos and Jeffersons. One standing liberty quarter, Washington quarters and both the states and state park quarters sets in books and picked from pockets personally. Lots of mint/proof sets starting from 1969 to present. One silver eagle 2010 uncirculated and in pristine condition. Foreign coins, foreign notes, us notes, commemorative military coins. Crypto currency coins. Commemorative presidential coins. Well you get the picture. I can send out some pics of a few individuals and as many full page shots as you need but I will not be photographing every coin individual. It's painstaking and not happening. But as stated I don't mind taking full page shots just so there can be an idea of what is here and from those you should be able to decide if you would like to look at or pursue farther. Im far from knowing it all about coins but I got a little idea what lots are worth, or at least close, bit as far as the whole bulk i wouldn't even know where to begin. I never planned on having to sell them all but we have to do what we have to do. If interested hit me back and let's talk a price tag and maybe a meeting place and time for any potential and serious buyers. Thank you for your time.


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    It might help to mention the city or state where this collection is located.

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    If you are in the MA,NH,RI area... I'd be interested.

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  • Your absolutely right. Never even crossed my mind. Lol. I am located in Centre Alabama. It's the northeast corner about an hour and a half from Birmingham.

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