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New! World Coin Albums - Mexican Type Set

Hi Everyone,

We've seen many people complain about Dansco and Whitman no longer making world coin albums, and empty type sets (e.g. Mexico, Japan) selling for 100s of dollars on eBay.

To remedy this, we've started manufacturing albums! Starting with a Silver Crown Type Set for Mexico - 1732-1995.


  • Slots for 35 different type crowns from from 1732 to 1995
  • Safe EVF foam gaskets for irregularly sized colonial 8 reales and republic pesos
  • A beautiful, hardcover, two-tone blue/cream cloth-bound folder with gold lettering
  • Archival-safe, acid-free, PVC-free construction
  • Pocket with logbook full of background history and checkboxes for the collector to record provenance

They are $69 shipped within the USA, orders can be placed by emailing [email protected], or DM-ing us on Instagram.

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  • BailathaclBailathacl Posts: 1,009 ✭✭✭

    Supply/Demand to the rescue. Good luck, good idea.

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