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Pac-12 QB's leading the way for the Heisman and doing well in AP rankings

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In the last year of the Pac-12, 3 of the QB's are in ESPN's list of 5 Heisman candidates - Penix, Williams, and Nix, and honestly there could be more. 4 Pac-12 teams ranked 10th or better in AP Top 25, and both Pac-2 teams in the top 25 with Wazoo at 16 and the Beavs at 19. Will be a great finishing year.

It is too bad that the dysfunctional Pac-12 management screwed up the league - the board of Presidents and 2 Commissioners in a row. The best 4 to the Big 10, middle 4 to the Big-12, and lower 2 to the ACC. Two ranked teams, Wazoo and the Beavs, now make the Pac-2 and have some of the highest CFB TV rankings over the past few years (see articles on johncanzano.com that verify this). Go figure. It is not the size of the city the school is in, but the TV viewing that counts. Seems the TV bosses got that wrong............

Nevertheless, should be a good finishing year. I honestly don't see the schools going to the ACC or Big 12 being better off than staying in the Pac-12 even after the top 4 schools left. There are a whole lotta mediocre schools in the ACC and Big-12 and the next re-alignment might see their better schools moving to the Power 2, or............. A Pac-8, adding 4 excellent west coast schools, say Boise State, SDSU, SMU, and Fresno State (as one example), would have been potentially stronger than any type of Pac-2 merger with Mountain West, and might have competed with the Big 12 and ACC, but we won't know now.

I am voting for Nix to win the Heisman and the Ducks to finish 1rst in the league. But as usual, when there are 6-7 strong teams, they end up beating each other and who knows who it will end up being #1. Problem is, you need a fully dominant team with no or 1 loss to make it to the CFP...............

Best, SH

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    Basebal21Basebal21 Posts: 2,250 ✭✭✭✭

    Way to early for Heisman talk other than who to place a future on. Other than FSU basically every team has played 1 real game or less at this point. Talk really shouldnt start until week 7 or 8, make them prove it in some real games first.

    The PAC fell apart because they were offered a BIG 12 money tv deal and countered asking for SEC/B!G money and the networks basically laughed in their face and moved on giving the deal to the Big 12 instead. The PAC also spends several million a year on prime downtown office space in SF for its headquarters, the SEC and BIG spend less than a million a year combined on their headquarters that gives more money to their schools.

    The schools going to the Big 12 are absolutely better off. They have a much better tv deal than what the PAC was being offered and now play s in Texas which helps with recruiting that state. The money and security of a good tv deal the PAC couldnt get is massive. Aside from money national TV exposure matters as well for recruiting. Even if they all stayed they would have ended up irrelevant from the power conferences anyways with only a streaming TV deal

    Cal and Stanford only went to the ACC because no other power conference had any interest in them. The ACC only had interest in them and SMU because they all agreed to take a greatly reduced or in the case of SMU no media rights share for several years. The ACC is also worried because their TV deal is by far the worst and Clemson and FSU are indicating they might have found a way out of it. The ACC is trying its best to expand and get some sort of better deal to appease FSU, Clemson, UNC,, and Miami. Even with the reduced deals Cal and Stanford still are better off than they would have been merging with the MWC.

    The Big 12, the B1G, and the SEC are all safe. The SEC doesnt want any B!G schools, and Vandy is really the only one that would leave the SEC which other than baseball doesnt matter. The ACC is the only one left that will have schools poached at some point.

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    coolstanleycoolstanley Posts: 2,461 ✭✭✭✭✭

    If this were 2024, the BIG 10 would have SIX teams ranked in the top 10 right now.

    Terry Bradshaw was AMAZING!!

    Ignore list -Basebal21

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