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How long does it take to get a World registry set approved?

I requested a few world sets and it's been months...

Just curious if anyone know how long the approval/denial process takes...


  • Well, good question. I requested one in April and it was approved in June. I was then told that the person responsible for this was having to take time off so it would not be created for a while. Fair enough. I wished them well. In July as I had not heard anything I sent a polite enquiry. No response for a few weeks then an apology as the set was rejected and I was told to open a showcase instead. I asked for this to be reviewed and as of yesterday I was still waiting for any response. I have also had a number of slot requests open since June. Nothing at all on those requests (one is to add a 2020 coin to a Queen Elizabeth set where there is no 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020!! Hardly a complex request.

    Completely ignored on everything. I did contact someone senior yesterday due to frustration and they responded very quickly saying they would look into it. I hated doing this, but if people are so easily able to completely ignore correspondence??

    Long story short…good luck. And perhaps email one of the seniors if you are being ignored. Not sure what the issue is, but likely some of the people in the set registry are overworked and undertrained in customer care.

  • I have set requests going back 5 years and have never heard anything from them. Also slot requests for coins that have disappeared in to the void due to the length of time. If it's anything but American we just have to live in hope, I'm speaking from experience with over a 200 Great Britain sets

  • Asked for five different German sets in March 2020. Asked for same sets again Feb 2021. Then same sets Fall 2022.

    Never heard a thing.

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    I / WE have been asking for CAC sets to be added for YEARS! YES, YEARS!

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    Perhaps it depends at least partly on the country or the set composition itself, but this appears to be more of an organizational issue.

    My one experience was to request a combined Edward VII and George V NFLD fifty-cent set since the only available option for NFLD fifty-cent pieces at the time was a combined Victoria, Edward VII and George V series.

    Specifically, the Newfoundland fifty-cents business strike set, as then constituted, was a rather unwieldy beast containing 24-coins from three distinct series and produced from 1870 through 1919. This registry set had 16-coins from the Victoria (Vicky) series with one reverse combined with four-coins from the Edward VII series with a second reverse and finished with four-coins from the George V series with the same reverse as the Edward VII coins.

    It seemed to me that the Vicky coins could be comfortably separated from the Edward VII and George V coins and that the latter two series might be combined together given their identical reverse. On a more practical collecting level, the grade and cost range of the Vicky coins was not consistent with what is typically found with the Edward VII and George V pieces. Therefore, sets built from all three series might be wildly uneven in terms of wear and aesthetics in circulated grades while those aimed at mint state grades might be barren for many issues.

    I relayed my opinions to the PCGS Set Registry team and within a few weeks there appeared a new option for those of us who adore these Newfoundland issues. It seemed only appropriate to register a new set (and for a very brief period of time be in the top slot!) as a way to acknowledge and thank the PCGS Set Registry team.

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    The original set I requested is still in the lala land but the 2nd one I requested a few weeks back is approved and online.

    Original request is a big set and the 2nd one is only 14 coins. Just for fun, I'll request another smaller set and will report back.

  • I requested a world set two days ago. It is a variety set and the standard date set does exist. I cannot see an issue as the variety is a different portrait so it should be allowed. I will update when I hear back…

  • Update: the set I requested on 7 November was approved last night (London time around 9pm). So around a week for me.

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