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Problem Order

Vandaleak_CollectionVandaleak_Collection Posts: 61 ✭✭✭
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Hello from the United Kingdom!
Hope everyone is well.
I have never had an issue with the process of submission - but I have recently received notification that one of my orders is a 'problem order'. They have emailed me asking me to contact them to discuss. I have done this. No response! I have also called (now twice) and left voicemail (expensive from the UK, by the way!) and no call back.
Aside from my ongoing concerns that I am being ignored in respect of set and slot requests, this now feels a bit bizarre. Is their customer service really so bad?
Anyway - is there anyone out there who understands what may be meant by 'problem order' I looked at the forms and they were completed correctly.......I literally have NO clue about this....
Cheers in advance for any help anyone can give......
Oh, and if anyone from PCGS is reading this, please note that I am super close to giving up on you completely. I may not spend a great deal, but to me it is a lot.


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