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FSH - Older Coin Catalog Lot

I know what you are thinking..."I only I had today's money back in the old days, what a collection I could have had!". Well here is a chance to add some meat to those thoughts with these vintage coin catalogs along with a book chock full of coin collection information. I am just needing to free up space and this is what is in this group:

  • The American Catalog and Standard Premium List of All United States Coins (1945) Not just the standard list mind you, but the Standard Premium list. In OK condition, easily readable.

    • 18th Annual Bargin list from BeeBee's of Omaha (1958) - Good condition, some writing (my dad's name) erased on cover.
    • 1959 Coins Price List from Joskes of Texas - Good condition.
    • 26th Edition of All US Coins (1958) - Good condition. Another Standard Premium list.
    • 16th Edition of the Blue Book (1959) - Seen better days from a binding perspective.
    • 20th Edition of the Blue Book (1963) - Very good condition
    • Coin Buyers Guide (). Chock full of information about buying coins and the coin market (1984). Good condition

The American Catalog and the Beebee's catalog remind me of a scene in the movie Rainman a bit.

Doctor - 'How much would a coin catalog cost in 1945?'
ElKevvo - 'About a dollar'
Doctor - 'And how much would a coin catalog cost 13 years later?'
ElKevvo - 'About a dollar'

Anyway how about 12.00 Shipped to your door via USPS Media Mail. Make an offer if you feel that is too high. I can provide board references if needed. Payment via PPFF, check or USPS MO.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions or need more info!

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