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Why doesn’t PCGS give basic current prices on American Silver Eagles, I have 78 ASEs not showing

I’m curious why PCGS doesn’t give a basic current prices on ASEs even though they don’t have enough sold prices to go by??


  • They do... sort of... if you're selling RAW silver eagles they are worth the bullion price plus current market premium. Know to most industry pros and seasoned traders as "SPOT + (plus)" Right now PCGS shows certified silver eagles graded MS68 and lower between $33-34. There's your basic price for a less than ideal graded coin; this typically translates to the approximate value of a RAW coin in the open market. Of course, if you're selling graded coins, then the prices for respective grades are clearly listed under the bullion section within the PCGS Price Guide... auction history included :)

  • Actually I should have said this is about my PCGS online data base inventory that doesn’t show prices on these seventy plus ASEs in grades 69 and 70. Just a basic overview price would be a nice estimate since they apparently have a running price list that isn't linked to this inventory data base. I guess there data base administrator that does these quires is overwhelmed.

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