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French Modern Republics Decimal Coinage Type set - missing some type coins?

A few years ago, I suggested that PCGS create this type set and was pleasantly surprised when they did. I had some of the types listed in in the set and started my own registry set. It has been fun to see others do the same, to the point that I have now gone from the number 1 set (when nobody else had any...!) to number 6 (with no hope of ever getting much higher); there are now 21 sets registered.

But it seems to me that the Collectors Club staff have not included at least two coins that IMO should be in the type set. For one, they have combined the 1903 25 centimes coin with the 1904-05 25 centimes, despite being entirely separate designs (and are so noted in the population report and in Krause). And, they have a single line for the 1933-52 5 francs coins and have thereby combined the various Lavrillier coins (KM-888 et al. and issued in several different metals over that period) with the entirely separate one year 1933 Bazor design (KM 887). Again, the French Pop Report and Krause separates the Bazor and Lavrillier coins. Confusingly, when you click on the 1933-52 5 franc line in the set composition, you do get the Bazor coin, but not the Lavrillier.

I should add that I do not own the 1903, 1904-05 25 centimes or the Bazor 5 francs, so expanding the set composition won't help me in the rankings.

I emailed the set Registry staff about this a little over a month ago and did not get a reply (although to be fair, I didn't ask for one). i just sent a second email to them on this subject and this time asked for a response.

So, the question for this group: am I being too fussy here?


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    I think your concerns are valid and I often think the folks running the registry are fairly good at replying compared to PCGS customer service in other areas. I find it frustrating that their Shilling type set is not by type but by monarch. But I do think asking them to change sets with invested users is harder to do depending on what's being asked.

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    Thanks for your comment. I agree with you regarding Registry sets being by monarch and not type. I have been working on the various silver Victoria Old Head coins for over 10 years and had asked the Set Registry folks to redo the Victoria sets by type so I could have a shot at finishing a set, but they declined. The coins are still the coins, so at some level it doesn't matter: they're still pretty coins to me...

    I hadn't thought about the impact on other collectors of a Set change; if the Set registry folks did add these two coins, it would immediately reduce any 100% rating to something less. But it seems to me that the change should still be made, as this is supposed to be a type set and leaving those two coins out defeats the purpose of type sets.

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