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400 Buffalo Nickels $120 shipped, $228.50 FV 40% Kennedies $1575 shipped PPFF

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Hey, folks -- long time member with hundreds of successful transactions, helping out a friend with her estate cleanout.

178 legible date buffalo nickels, 222 dateless or nearly dateless buffalo nickels, and 7 average circ Liberty nickels -- take them all for $120 shipped by PayPal family/friends. PM your interest. * ON HOLD *

Then, just a big sack of 40% Kennedies, mostly AU coins pulled from circ in the early 70's. 22 full rolls and another 17 loose coins for a total $228.50 face value. That's 72.62 oz AG in total with a melt value today of $1701, discounted because it is what it is.

$1575 PayPal family/friends gets them shipped to you. PM your interest. ** ON HOLD **



  • Pm incoming

    Sold To: PerryHall, Konsole, Outhaul
    Bought From: mightyhunter, JoeLewis, LukeMarshall, KollectorKing

    I have solid eBay ratings and have done business with many on other forums.
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