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1939 & 1940 Detroit Tigers Team Balls

There is an older gentleman that frequents the local bar here in town (Ohio) whom i became friends with over the years. We were talking a number of years back about sports memorabilia and he told me about his great, great (maybe great) Aunt, who worked at a diner in Detroit. The players would frequent the diner and they autographed balls for her. He brought them in one day to the bar wrapped in paper towels. Below are some of the pictures. Schoolboy Rowe on both sweet spots. I paid him $200 per ball about 6-7 years ago. Any idea what they might be worth? I obviously need to get them authenticated by PSA. Then considering moving them to an auction house after that. I have enjoyed them over the years and want to find a good home for them where someone elsewhere will enjoy them. I am a Cleveland fan, but I had to have them when I saw them. They are just super cool pieces of baseball history.

Thanks in advance.

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