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Token lots......

Just trying to gauge the intrest in tokens like this before I spend a ton of time listing the lots....

I have a huge group of tokens like these. Most have either names or initials on them and some kind of number or cent amount.

These would make a good project for someone who likes to research things.

This is a sample picture of the sort of stuff I have. Many will be good for tokens that have good for 5cent or 10cent ect, but will have the initials of the company.

I simply don't have enough time to research all these things.

I was thinking like 10 bucks shipped per lot of ten tokens and 5 bucks per lot for anymore lots after your first one.

Is there any intrest in something like this? Or should I just bag them up and take them to shows.

Thanks for looking, and again this is just a small sample lot I would have many lots available.

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