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FS 1894 Indian Cent Graded MS66+RB by CACG - Tied for Top RB Pop at CACG & PCGS. Also Has Photo Seal

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I just consigned this coin to Rick Snow.

  1. It is graded MS66+RB by CACG. It now has an Eagle Eye Photo Seal too.
  2. While CAC stickering does NOT recognize plus grades, on the other hand CACG does indeed recognize plus grades. As such, this is a coin that CACG believes is solid as a 66+RB!
  3. In Rick's opinion, this RB coin is close to 95% Red!
  4. This is the only coin graded MS66+RB by CACG. PCGS also has ONLY one graded as MS66+RB. Neither CAC, CACG, or PCGS have any RB's graded as MS67RB, so the coin for sale is one of only two at this Top RB grade. I don't know if the coin in this grade from PCGS has a CAC sticker or not.
  5. I originally bought this coin from GC, graded MS66RB by PCGS with a CAC sticker. I then sent it right afterwards to Rick Snow, and he then applied his Eagle Eye Photo Seal. It recently was then sent to CACG to cross, but only cross with a + upgrade (or better). Sure enough, the graders at CACG upgraded the coin to a MS66+RB. Because this coin was crossed from a PCGS coin with a CAC sticker, it now has the "L" shown as part of the CACG Cert # (Legacy). I just consigned it to Rick, and he applied his Photo Seal.
  6. There is an accidental error in Rick Snow's listing on collectorscorner.com. Probably due to the "newness" of coins graded by CACG, they have this coin listed as MS66RB without the plus, but as you can see from the photos here AND there, it is indeed a 66+RB.
  7. I'll try to answer questions via message, but please deal with Rick directly in purchasing this Top Pop for RB coin. His website is www.indiancent.com and his phone number is (520) 498-4615 in Arizona.
  8. The price is $4,000.

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