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Help? 1982-83 Diamond Classics Sample?

Is anyone familiar with this set? Specifically, the "Sample" cards. I picked up a set a week or so ago and noticed it had two Burleigh Grimes #36 cards. One of which is a Sample. I can't seem to find any sample card from any player featured in this set listed or pictured anywhere. I've looked on eBay, COMC, Beckett etc... Maybe I'm just overlooking it. My eyes aren't as good as they once were!

Front and back scans of the regular card and the sample card are below. Any insight is appreciated!


*I did find a link to a Promo, but not a Sample:

-Burleigh Grimes 1982-83 Diamond Classics #36

-Burleigh Grimes 1982-83 Diamond Classics #36 (Sample)


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