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PSA Vault Question: In-person drop off, how long does it take to process? Also a few other questions

I went to the Burbank card show on Sep 1 and saw that PSA was there accepting submissions for grading and vault drop-offs. I learned a bit about the vault while I was there because I honestly didn't know about it until then. I had brought some of my cards with me to vault with PWCC, but after hearing more about the PSA vault, I went ahead and dropped it off with them instead.

I've tried emailing vault@collectors.com but I haven't received a reply. So I'm hoping to get some answers here. If anyone has answers, it'd be greatly appreciated!

My main question is how long does it take for an in-person vault drop off to process and show up on the collectors vault website? I'm honestly a bit concerned because the cards I dropped off is a lot of money and I have no means of tracking it. I took photos of the cards and the PSA form, but the form was very basic. It just asked for my PSA member ID, name, date, declared value, signature, and the workers initials. And, I can't seem to get through via email to get any updates.

Other questions I had about the vault were:

  • After the initial 90 days in vault, I heard there was a shipping fee of $1 if I wanted to take cards out of the vault. Reading the faq's, I see that there can be additional fees for higher declared value items. Is the $1 shipping fee I was told true? How are those fees calculated?
  • If I purchase slabs online, can I have them shipped directly to my collectors vault? If so, how long does it take to process and what happens if the seller sent the wrong items and/or included additional items in the package?
  • Can I schedule items to be shipped from the vault to a future card show (e.g. Burbank card show) in order to pick up the slabs in-person? If so, would the fees be the same as shipping fee + any additional fees for higher declared values?

Sorry for the list of questions, but I'm really hoping to learn more about the Vault and how I can use it. And hoping to calm some of my worries about my in-person submission, thanks!



  • Thanks for the response! I did check out the website but I still can't find answers to some of my questions. I'll keep waiting for a response from collectors support email, but was hoping maybe someone here might know some answers

    My vault submission does not show on my account on collectors.com/vault . I dropped off my submission in person at the burbank card show at the PSA booth and I have no virtual proof of the submission right now. I only have photos of the slabs and the PSA form. The PSA form only has basic information about me, time of drop off, and the initials of the PSA worker who received the submission. I'm just a bit concerned due to the value of the submission and no means of tracking the submission or having the submission attached to my account. Still curious on typical time expectancy of how long submissions might take to complete

    My other question about the fees for shipping items out of the vault, the website mentions:

    Return shipments cost $1* per item as promotional pricing unless otherwise notified to you. *Additional fees may apply for international shipping, enhanced security, or irregularly-sized items.

    So I think that answers my question on shipping out of the vault, at least while the promotional pricing is in effect.

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