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    Concerning this thread: https://forums.collectors.com/discussion/1096238/attention-variety-owners-collectors-trust-value-destroyed/p1

    People paid a lot of money to PCGS for variety attributions and now the cert numbers reflect only the base coin, no variety! People have lost thousands of dollars in value, not to mention the variety of attribution fees and other fees. Many of these coins would not have been sent in for grading, gold shield, True Views, reholders, variety attribution, shipping charges both ways, insurance both ways, etc etc etc...had they known PCGS was just going to pull the rug out from under the collectors.

    Trust in the PCGS brand is just not there. PCGS has broken this.
    Value has been destroyed after they helped create a market for these coins.
    The value of varieties just isn't safe in a PCGS holder when they help create the market in conjunction with the CPG.
    I am not sure why PCGS thinks any of this is a good business decision. I do not understand why they want to alienate collectors when they are facing greater competition. Is anyone able to explain why this makes business sense?

    Who has called PCGS to complain? Who has emailed PCGS? Who has requested refunds? I think refunds are absolutely in order. If you pull up the cert numbers, they no longer indicate they are the variety. People paid for this service and now PCGS is not holding up their end.

    Or...maybe you have just written PCGS off completely and are just not submitting to them any longer? Is this the case for anyone but you just hang out on the forums because of the relationships that have been built with other collectors?

    If collectors sound off on these decisions then there's the possibility that PCGS will respond appropriately. If no one says anything then they just get away with it...or they might just think they got away with it when everyone just silently takes their business elsewhere. Not just the variety business but all of their other business as well.

    If you do not want to call PCGS at 800-447-8848, you can email them. There are a lot of different email addresses to try:

    Set Registry email on their website: [email protected]

    The President is here: [email protected] <--- I am not sure if she knows what is happening and what the real impact on collectors is. Does she know that PCGS has financially hurt a lot of collectors with this action? Does she know trust in the PCGS brand has been destroyed for many? What is the benefit of hurting their collectors, removing a small revenue stream to PCGS, and losing some collectors completely? How much time has PCGS spent in meetings over this? Maybe none? Fielding phone calls and emails on this subject? Who was involved in making the decisions that hurt so many collectors? Are they still employed with PCGS? Was Stephanie the one leading the charge to hurt so many collectors, costing them thousands of dollars, even 5-figures? Collectors deserve answers.

    I have sold a lot of these varieties at auction for very significant premiums, most of them starting at $1. I feel bad for the people who have purchased these coins, trusting that PCGS would stand behind their work and the market they helped create


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