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Going to be selling some bulk Gold and silver

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I have 320 OZ of Canadian maple leaf gold coins 1oz coins in tubes - 4 nines. Some are opened but I have never searched them for MS70 coins. I have 10,000 OZ of silver, the bulk being RCM monster boxes, about 1200 OZ of 100 OZ bars, a 1000 (999.somehtings) bar and about 5 bags of 90% $500 face silver US dimes and quarters. Trying to get a better deal than APMEX or Kitco. The $500 face bag of quarters is searched and it is no longer $500 face but only nominally, like $10-20 face shy. One of the Rossie bags is open but I did not search it. PM me if you are interested.


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    Wow! I found JM Bullion to have better buy prices than APMEX or Kitco. You can also view them all yourself so the transparency is nice. I've never sold to Kitco, but have found APMEX to be dishonest in the past (on several occasions).


    The JM buy prices are probably your best bet for a do-it-yourself type sale. Otherwise, you need to work with a good wholesaler at that quantity.

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    PM sent

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