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Regarding the Medallion that has been sent to you, experts, particularly Dr. Omid Soltani (an Iran Cultural Heritage and International Expert with Certificates), have provided their opinions. They believe that this artifact belongs to the Seleucid period, specifically associated with Antiochus the Third. The design of the artifact also appears to be linked to The Heraclius.

The Medallion is made of silver and has a thick layer of mercury coating, which was likely applied to preserve its condition. It weighs 86.41 grams.

According to Dr. Soltani, the rare double-sided and symmetrical design of this artifact is exceptionally unique. There is nothing quite like it, except for a similar plate in the British Museum. However, the plate in the museum has some flaws, particularly on the head and hands in the depicted image, possibly due to damage or removal. In contrast, this artifact remains remarkably intact, with about 80 percent of it in a healthy state.

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