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(11) Very Cool USPI / Philippine Collector Coins Formerly Owned By Justhavingfun Being Auctioned Off

Coming up this Sunday at GC, another (11) super cool Justhavingfun Philippine/ USPI collector coins - all Unreserved and most of them currently at under $10/coin! An overdate 1917/6-S One Centavo struck at the San Francisco Mint! Less than (20) coins ever graded at PCGS of this overdate in all colors combined!! What might this coin be worth if the U.S. Mint in SF struck a 1917/6 Lincoln Cent overdate instead in honest PCGS AU50 grade!! Good luck everyone with these!

  1. LOT # 1438877: Philippines 1967 Pattern 10c Sampung Sentimos Copper NGC Proof-63 RB: UNRESERVED.
  2. LOT # 1438936: Philippines 5 Sentimos KM-206 Double Struck Error NGC MS-65: UNRESERVED.
  3. LOT # 1438948: Philippines 50s KM-200 on 10s Plan/Uniface Obv Error NGC MS-65: UNRESERVED.
  4. LOT # 1438960: 1915-S U.S. Philippines One Centavo PCGS AU-55 BN: UNRESERVED.
  5. LOT # 1438961: 1916-S U.S. Philippines One Centavo PCGS MS-63 BN: UNRESERVED.
  6. LOT # 1438967: 1917/6-S U.S. Philippines One Centavo PCGS AU-50 BN: UNRESERVED.
  7. LOT # 1422205: Philippines 10 Sen Mint Error Struck 75% Off Center NGC MS-64: UNRESERVED.
  8. LOT # 1439005: Philippines 1972 50 Sentimos Double Struck 2nd 99% Off Center NGC MS-65: UNRESERVED.
  9. LOT # 1438925: Philippines 1974 Sentimo Double Struck Broadstruck/Off Center Error NGC MS-66: UNRESERVED.
  10. LOT # 1438921: Philippines 1976 Piso NGC Proof-69: UNRESERVED.
  11. LOT # 1438914: Philippines 1976 Sentimo NGC Proof-69: UNRESERVED.


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