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Is the Series 1981 $5 Boston Star Note still unknown?

I would consider this the "King" of the modern FRNs and note that there was only one single run printed of these, and it is just 16,000 notes (500 sheets!) back in December of 1982.

So far, unless I missed something, there has not been a single example known of this.

There may be hope in finding such an example, since I do own an example of the Series 1981 $1 Kansas City Star, Run 5, which also had a 16,000 note/500 sheet run, and that was printed not too long after that Boston $5 run, in January 1983.

This would be major news if one of these was found and authenticated and I wouldn't be surprised if it fetches $25,000 or more in auction. I am quite sure this will be the first modern era FRN to fetch five digits, if one were to define modern era FRNs to be Series 1963 and later.


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