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PSA & PCGS Submission, Same Time, Different Logging Standards

SemperFISemperFI Posts: 802 ✭✭✭

I submitted some coins to PCGS and a 1956 Hank Aaron to PSA, same day. USPS marked both as received, same day.

PCGS marked the coins as received the same day as USPS shows as delivered, sent an automated message that my coins were received and shows the status, my submission number and customer number.

PSA, you have to enter your USPS tracking number on the site to see if it was received. But the actual card has not been logged after a week. My PSA account shows “You have no recent submissions.” I haven’t received an submission received email or anything of the sort.

Why the difference in tracking and logging submissions with the same overall company? Why is one great and the other, not so much?


  • RufussCkingstonRufussCkingston Posts: 1,448 ✭✭✭✭

    Because PSA gets hundreds (thousands?) of packages per day. Only so many can be opened in a day, and even then, the ones that are paying higher grading fees get faster opening times. I imagine the coin side gets packages in a small amount that they can all be opened and logged in a day.

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