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PCGS coin sell off. Post 1900 type coins, CAC, and nickel sets

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Ike’s sold

More to come, Buffalo, Jefferson, Liberty nickels, silver dollars, CAC, varieties… a little of everything after 1900
Selling as a set or individual coins


357 of 360 coins complete Jefferson set 38 to present $45,000 or best offer. List is $51k

Partial complete variety buffalo set $7k or best offer includes several CAC and CAC varieties, and 13 s type 2 in a type 1 holder

List of CAC buffalo (lots of older pics before they were stickered.

Miscellaneous modern variety type coins and misc. I will add price info as I can, message me with any requests. CAC and toners have premiums.

1888 $88

1923 150

1921 150 shipped
21 d 55
1898 165
1881 s 110
1881 o 70 (has a light cameo look to the design


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