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My first coin in a Russian slab

KSorboKSorbo Posts: 102 ✭✭✭
edited August 24, 2023 10:00AM in World & Ancient Coins Forum

This just came in the mail today, my first coin in an NNR slab. From what I’ve seen this grading service is modeled after PCGS and NGC, with the slab being almost identical to NGC. Grading appears conservative but I would appreciate your opinions on the coin. All of their census reports are available on their website and the certification comes with high res photos (see link).


I’d love to see any other coins in foreign TPG holders. Other than a few Canadian coins in ICCS flips this is the only one I have.


  • JabshierJabshier Posts: 19 ✭✭
    edited August 24, 2023 11:09AM

    Definitely looks like they copied NGC with slab and hologram on the back as well (as usual Russians always spying on Americans , trying be better than us 😂😂😂)….

    Not much information on their website (I was trying read it on mi IPhone it kept showing me a blank screen) , not sure how long they been in business ? How’s market for their graded coins selling in Russia ???? Who knows but I doubt it would fair any popularity in USA , if they do take off good and get a collector’s market it will be slow …. PCGS / NGC already hold the market with coin grading it’s already pretty much know world wide

  • Nice coin, but unfortunately Russia is blacklisted now, cannot even send money via PayPal.

  • RGNA is the most legitimate Russian grading service, but they still have issues

  • KSorboKSorbo Posts: 102 ✭✭✭

    @Top50SetBuilder said:
    RGNA is the most legitimate Russian grading service, but they still have issues

    I’m curious what kinds of issues you have observed or are aware of, and also what the basis is for one of their services being preferred over another. Is it grading accuracy, consistency, authentication, etc.?

    I’ve seen a few coins from both services on eBay and other auction sites, and based on the photos at least their grading appears legit. Obviously they aren’t going to compete with PCGS or NGC here in the US, but surely there must be some demand for their services in Russia now due to their being locked out of financial transactions and even shipping to US TPG’s.

    I speak Russian and have spent a lot of time in Russia, and have a Russian wife, so Russian coins are a big area of interest for me. It’s nice to see that they have developed their own grading services with an effort at legitimacy. I read through the NNR site and, although only being in Russian it is quite comprehensive. They reference the Sheldon scale and use numerical and details grading just like our services. I bought my coin on eBay from a US seller and the site says it was graded this year, so it somehow made its way through the sanctions and across the pond.

  • I think the main issue is that Russian and Russian related issues are their only wheelhouse. When they slab anything outside of that, their opinions start to become fairly worthless. Lots of fakes, incorrect attributions, etc. but I’ve also seen Russian pieces designated incorrectly (like calling coins PF when they aren’t), and also just missing things like spot removals, etc.

  • Also, I believe they are owned by a Russian auction house. Kind of a conflict of interest there

  • tcollectstcollects Posts: 733 ✭✭✭✭

    those GENI slabs were the more prominent at a recent coin show in Portugal; RNGA is like PCGS, NNR is like Russian NGC

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