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If you hate the new "nerd" stats, remember a "nerd" invented one of your favorite stats

The newer more accurate stats are often called "nerd" stats "invented by people who never played the game." As such, since they don't jive with pre-conceived notions, they are often simply dismissed.

The reality is that the best new 'nerd' stats are simply a compilation of Base on Balls, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, and outs made, but simply giving each of those events their accurate value based on the actual play by play data. The same accurate value is right on par with common sense when one takes a step back to look at it. There is often a disconnect from the viewer and the creator that leads to these 'nerd' type comments. We have talked about that in the common sense base on balls vs singles, but that is already hashed out on these boards.

One of the most favorite 'non nerd stat' is the RBI.

The RBI was invented by a nerd. A writer who never played. A frail man with no athletic ability.

To make him more of a 'nerd', he played in an orchestra.

Yes, the kid on the tuba invented your favorite stat.


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