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Vicious KO compilation thread

galaxy27galaxy27 Posts: 6,662 ✭✭✭✭✭

i think this will be a fun little undertaking, and i think double d will approve

post a clip for all to enjoy. if you can only find the entire fight, tell everyone where to FF to.

here's my first entry. i watched this fight live (on TV) back in 1996. i really thought John Ruiz was either going to a) suffer permanent brain damage, or worse b) die from David Tua's punches.

if you want to skip all the preliminary stuff, FF to 1:45. but don't blink, because the destruction was swift; the fight only lasted 19 seconds. and pay special attention to the left hook Ruiz absorbs (especially the slo-mo replay) as he's falling to the ground like a tree in the forest. absolutely savage.



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