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Nice and Newly Graded: France 1914C 2 Francs, Cyprus 1913 9 Piastres, Suriname 1966 1 Gulden!

Just back today from our hosts, these are rather nice specimens:

France 1914 Castelraissan 2 Francs. This coin has overwhelming lustre in hand so I had to send it in for grading. Sadly the pictures don't do it justice and it came back MS66:

Cyprus Rare 1913 9 Piastres. This a superb coin fully original MS64:


Suriname 1966 1 Gulden, unissued and quite scarce. If you like compare images to the other graded specimen on Pop Reports. This also had enormous lustre (bombe!) This in hand does not seem to feature the abrasions to bust seen in True Views.


Love that Milled British (1830-1960)
Well, just Love coins, period.


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