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Edge Marks

I'd be appreciate hearing thoughts on "edge marks", in general, but especially as an NGC designation.

Am I correct that the term can be used to designate a wide variety of issues, of varying severity, sometimes arising during the minting process, but often post-mint damage?

As an example, I've been following this Heritage auction item:


From the photo, it looks like an attractive and desirable coin, but, of course, we can't see the edge.

If NGC considers the coin to be Choice XF, should I assume the the edge marks are not a serious distraction? Or, is the grade considered prior to the edge mark assessment?




  • BjornBjorn Posts: 526 ✭✭✭

    I would assume (that's a dangerous thing to do though...) that it refers to any post mint damage to the edge. For my level of ancient and medieval coins, I wouldn't consider such marks a major issue, but I could see them being an issue for some collectors, particularly those pursuing the highest possible grades.

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