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Your Forward Leaning Voices Matter & Are Sought in Person or Via Email, but there is a Deadline!

If you have read any of my previous posts, you will recall that the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (affectionately called the "CCAC") will be holding a free admission forum at the Pittsburgh ANA (see the attachments). We have two major purposes:

We want to share with you the phenomenal process of deciding on a coin's theme to the design, based upon this theme, and finally to the production of one of the smallest pieces of American art. The US Mint plays an important role, but they are not the only important stakeholders in this process.

Most importantly, we are looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions for themes for circulating and commemorative coins and medals. While we appreciate that everyone is passionate about what they feel and why, please end your comments and suggestions with constructive advice.

For those of you, who will not be able to attend the forum in Pittsburgh, if you desire that your idea for a theme be listed in the CCAC's FY 2023 Annual report, please email your idea for a theme to [email protected]. by September 1, 2023. If you do so, you will be able to hear the deliberations of the CCAC during day two (October 25, 2023) of the two-day Public Meeting of the CCAC (10/24 to 10/25). Following the CCAC's Public meeting's its recommendations will be forwarded to the Treasury Secretary congruent with the CCAC's federal authorization.

Hope to see you in Pittsburgh or hear from you via your email.

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