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Errors? Not quite. Coins? Not quite. Webbing

So here is a weird offering. I was at a show this weekend and was digging through a brief case and boom bags of webbing showed up.

The left over from the planchet making process. Strange I know, but hey we wouldn't have any coins without it.

So here we go maybe some will want a set to add to the collection

You will get 1 piece of nickel webbing, dime webbing and quarter webbing. All of it is in good shape and not messed up. They will come in flips.

Lots of sets available.

11.00 per set of 3 shipped for the first set.

Each additional set is 6.00 dollars and will be shipped together with the first set.

Paypal works or sending me a check works also.

New inventory added daily at Coins Make Cents


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