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BU Roll of Peace Dollars, Two 1921 Morgan Super Slider Rolls, and $35 face of 90%!

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Howdy all,

Here's the latest in the offerings from me to hit the streets! Peace dollars have been added again, a few more rolls came in from the same collection! I have only two rolls of morgans left. Please let me know if you are interested.

1921 Morgans, 2 rolls of super sliders (AU58-MS61) ($640 per roll, shipped)
1922 Peace, 1 roll. ($640 shipped)

$35 in 90%, as 3 rolls of washies and 1 roll of mercs. 90% Washies are _18.5_xface PLUS shipping mercs are 19.5xface plus ship.

The rolls of dollars were from an older collection, likely stashed in the 1980s or early 1990s. Some of the coins have developed a very mellow gold hue, which, if you don't like, could easily be dipped off. Otherwise, the Peace mostly grade MS 61-63, might be a scattering of higher grades on occasion (but don't hold your breath). Nice, great condition rolls. All are in plastic dollar tubes.

If you really need a shot of the 90%, I can do that as well, but it is standard stuff.


Randomly pulled examples from the 1921 rolls.

Dead people tell interesting tales.


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