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Shaq autograph

I was at a flea market yesterday and this guy had a Shaq card autographed. It was just a standard base card with no JSA or legit certification company telling me it is real. He was asking $20. I passed because I was 99.9% sure it was fake. Does anyone else here on the boards think there was a chance it was real? I figured he put $20 on it because someone might take a chance on it. (I thought about it for a few minutes myself). I was hoping it could be real but I knew that there was no way it was.

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    JolleyWrencherJolleyWrencher Posts: 605 ✭✭✭

    You may as well sign one yourself and know it's not real and feel good you still have the $20. I can't imagine a vendor paying $5 for a no-proof auto without even as much as a selfie with the signer as proof.

    I think we would all agree you made a wise decision. However, $20 goes quickly these days and I imagine it was tempting to see in person.

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