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Prices include shipping and are net (Zelle or add ~3% to cover PP fee). Take both for $380 shipped.

July 22, 1776 $6: $sold
A nice F/VF with good signatures and serial number, from a scarcer issue. No significant folds, no tears or holes. The last two similar notes Heritage has sold both went for $240 with BP and have large creases, and were sold 2-3 years ago:

PCGS VF25 sold 8/24/21: https://currency.ha.com/itm/colonial-notes/continental-congress-issues/continental-currency-july-22-1776-6-fine-very-fine/a/142048-81005.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515

Ungraded F/VF sold 12/1/20: https://currency.ha.com/itm/colonial-notes/continental-congress-issues/continental-currency-july-22-1776-6-fine-very-fine/a/142048-81005.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515

February 26, 1777 $3: $sold
Good/Very Good with some fold splits (a vertical and horizontal crease intersecting at the middle of the note, with a small hole there) and some roughness on the edges. A Baltimore issue.

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