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Prices on cards

BijuCardsBijuCards Posts: 7

are these prices right I have so many of these in perfect mint condition.



  • coinspackscoinspacks Posts: 924 ✭✭✭

    psa 10 is tough to obtain...they dont give them out often....usually centering is what keeps them in the 8 or 9 holder.

    if you have ungraded cards...expect psa 7 money.

  • BijuCardsBijuCards Posts: 7
    edited July 19, 2023 6:16AM

    Centering on mine are spot on, used a centering tool. They literally look perfect no dinged edges corners etc. My issue is you have to send 20 at a time to get a break and it ends up costing you $500 to grade Plus shipping to them with insurance and then them charging to ship back with insurance. I am overwhelmed I inherited over 1.5 million cards. Lots of sorts of memorabilia, Like 30 bats some signed some not all pro bats though a couple are even PSA certified. old gloves and an old catcher's mask don't know how they expected it to stop a ball. Baseball plates. Photos some signed some not. Baseball Jerseys are all signed mostly football ones though Panthers including some signed actual helmets, not the mini things. So I'm learning as I go. Oh and like 100+ cards that came out of chip bags and he even kept the dang chip bags. I think they are called Helmar.

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