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FSH: Toned Type PCGS & NGC: Buffalo 5c, Merc, Peace $1, Texas Commem ***VIDEOS ADDED***

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A few pretty coins for your consideration. Payment by Zelle or PayPal (add ~3% to cover the fee). Free shipping.

Edit 7/19: Added videos for 3 of the coins. This is my first foray with video and the production value leaves a bit to be desired, but I think they help show off the colors beyond what stills can do.

1914-S NGC AU58 Buffalo Nickel--$HOLD
A very nice example of this better date with colorful album toning on both sides, the obverse being the star. Not necessarily an uncommon coin, but definitely an uncommon look.

Video: https://jkwd.com/coins/coins/sale/videos/1914s_ngc_au58_buffalo.mp4

1940-S NGC MS65FB Mercury Dime--$115
A flashy gem with lightly reflective fields. No, it's not prooflike, but the fields don't have your "typical" lustre, either. There's a nice splash of color at the top of the obverse, and there's a mix of pastel hues on the reverse. Housed in an old fatty holder and quite nice for a 65.

Video: https://jkwd.com/coins/coins/sale/videos/1940s_ngc_ms65fb_merc.mp4

1922 PCGS MS64 Peace Dollar--$250
A lustrous example with an obverse largely covered in yellow/orange, with the edge of the toning purple, plus a splash of bright green by the date. The reverse has lighter color, plus some very dark toning at the periphery; hit with light lustre does go through the dark area.

1934 NGC MS65 Texas Half Dollar--$310
The longest tenured of the coins here, I bought this coin over 17 years ago and have always enjoyed it. A lustrous gem, toning starting at the periphery goes from orange to yellow to green--brighter and bolder than the photos show--with the inner fields showing some red/purple. The depth of the rims and the way the light hits the coin create an interesting effect as different areas of the coin illuminate and show of their color as the coin is rotated under light (hence the many photos, which still don't quite do it justice). The reverse has some light pastel toning throughout.

Video: https://jkwd.com/coins/coins/sale/videos/1934_ngc_ms65_texas.mp4

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