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1984 Fleer Update T/B centering

For 50/50 centering, the top white space should equal the white space under the players position, correct?

Example…. Not exactly 50/50 but just for reference.


  • 82FootballWaxMemorys82FootballWaxMemorys Posts: 1,187 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    The top bottom of the pictured cards is closer to 60/40 than 50/50. If it had not been a common and was for example the Clemens, Puckett or Gooden it probably would have only garnered a 9

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  • jordangretzkyfanjordangretzkyfan Posts: 2,306 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Correct. The top boarder should be the same size as the space between the name and bottom edge when 50/50 centered. The top border should also be the same size as the left/right borders which lines it up perfectly all the way around.

    I have seen some recent PSA 10 where the grader mistakenly assessed top/bottom centering by the two blue lines. This is incorrect and leads to a noticeably oversized top border and a tiny bottom space below the name. You can tell this was not Fleer’s intent as the team logo breaks the bottom of the bottom blue line in the 84 design and the position is placed below the blue line. Not sure why PSA is missing this on occasion lately as that is an obvious miss with the huge top border. They never used to do this, so likely a new grader. This mistake also typically leads to terrible centering on the card back which makes it even more obvious.

    This is the right 50/50 centering all the way around with four equal borders…

  • georgebailey2georgebailey2 Posts: 1,019 ✭✭✭

    For clarification, I believe it is the top of the blue line to the top compared to the bottom of the text for position to the bottom.

    The blue line at the bottom is not relevant to T/B centering.

  • NGS428NGS428 Posts: 2,190 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks @georgebailey2 and @82FootballWaxMemorys.

    Thanks for the example @jordangretzkyfan. Maybe I have been seeing some of those 10’s determined incorrectly. Things didn’t seem consistent, but know I know!

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