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[WTS] Rare Vintage Whitman Albums: Australia, Great Britain, Mexico, Panama, Philipines

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This is my third round of extremely rare coin albums from David Lange's personal collection!

This time they are rare vintage Whitman coin albums. All albums are now live on auction on Ebay.

These albums come from the late David Lange's personal collection. David was a researcher with NGC [Numismatic Guaranty Company] and was passionate about coin albums and their history. He wrote multiple books delving into the history of U.S. coin album manufacturers such as Whitman and Library of Congress.

He had the most extensive collection of coin albums I had ever seen. [>500 albums!] I was privileged enough to attain a large part of his personal collection to add to my own. I have added the albums I needed and am auctioning off the extras.

Albums History
Whitman's vintage foreign albums are some of the most difficult to find. Most foreign-type albums were made in the 1960s.

The photos you see are the exact album you will get

The listings are below!

Vintage Whitman Album #9528: Australia Type Collection

Vintage Whitman Album #9531: British Farthings 1902-1956

Vintage Whitman Album #9532: British Half Pennies 1860-1901

Vintage Whitman Album #9535: British Pennies 1860-1901

Vintage Whitman Album #9517: Great Britain Silver Type Set

Vintage Whitman Album #9524: Mexican Type Set Collection 1905-

Vintage Whitman Album #9518: Panama Type Collection

Vintage Whitman Album #9525: Philippine Type Set Collection

Please tag anyone who you think would be interested in these rare Whitman albums!

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    Did you intend to post this in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum?

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    @Bailathacl said:
    Did you intend to post this in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum?

    Whoops my bad! Will post there now
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    I really have no idea what these fetch- I suspect these are 50+ years old

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    Rare albums indeed.


  • CBTL2CBTL2 Posts: 67 ✭✭

    Great opportunity to pick up some very rare albums. These don't come up for sale very often.

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