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Missing "Best of the Registry" icons

I've got a couple sets that seem to have lost their 2022 blue boxes, after holding 1st place since 2019. Has anybody else seen this on their own sets? (ie, is it a widespread problem that they're presumably working on, or is it more likely to be overlooked?) I emailed the registry 3 weeks ago with no response, I'm guessing that's not going to get anywhere... Realistically, it shouldn't matter for another 5 years, but the longer it takes 'em to fix it, the less likely they are to try.

They've still got the sets "ranked" in their proper positions, ie, multiple ties in the #1 slot, the sets are still where they're supposed to be in those lists, with lower-ranked places still showing a 2022 badge. If my sets had dropped off the #1 spot for any legitimate reason to lose that 2022 badge, it'd reappear at the bottom of the list, so that part's at least working properly, but there's still something that's gone wrong there. Is there something I need to do to correct it, or just have faith that they'll figure it out eventually? (or is there someone on here who might have the authority to look into it? I feel safe in saying my initial email is dead in the water) I don't want to seem overly-alarmist, but at the same time, I do still have some residual PTSD from the 2020 Awards...




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