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[SOLD] Whitman Vintage Boards

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I am posting on behalf of an older collector who is looking to sell off his vintage Whitman Coin Boards.

These boards are in excellent condition and span a wide range of years. The copyright is 1938. The boards have a velvet-like material on them. In 1939, Whitman changed the coverings to paper, a lesser quality cover.

I don't know too much about Whitman boards, but I know there is someone out there who would very much appreciate these.


Large Cent

Two/Three Cent

Indian Head Penny

Liberty Head Nickel

Shield Type Nickel

Mercury Head Dime

Morgan Quarter - Liberty Head

Liberty Standing Quarter

Morgan Half Dollar - Liberty Head

Liberty Standing Half Dollar

If you know anyone who is interested in vintage coin boards, especially Whitman, you can reach out to the collector direct via email*

Best of luck!

  • AlbumNerd/Dansco Dude
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