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PSA Submission bulk special and cards outside special

Two questions:
1. On the 19 bulk special do you submit 20 cards in either era or do you have to submit 20 in each era to qualify?
2. If you are dropping off, do you have separate submission paperwork if you are submitting cards outside of the bulk special? Does PSA then charge shipping on both submissions since different time frames?


  • RufussCkingstonRufussCkingston Posts: 1,448 ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 1, 2023 7:21PM

    1.) Yes, you need 20 old cards and 20 new cards.... You can't mix and match for 20 cards combined

    2.) Yes, you create different submission that will create different submission forms. And likewise, each submission(form) will come with its own shipping charge. The only thing that you can do is ship everything together to PSA in one box and then PSA will separate the submissions out and put them in the proper slots.

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