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Scotland "coin"??

Hello, and thanks for your thoughts. I'm a bit stumped on this piece. I'm thinking it may be a tourist token or something as I don't think Scotland has their own contemporary coinage. The denomination is "5". 5 Pounds? I can't find a listing for this anywhere. The size is about that of a U.S. silver dollar.




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    just to clarify, since the Coincraft sales blurb is ambiguous: "Ecu" isn't the denomination; "Ecu Goldline" is the brand-name of the fantasy-coin-maker. They have been making similar fantasy-coins (one could call them "private fantasy patterns", as they purport to show what hypothetical coins would look like) since the 1990s, before the ECU was officially renamed the "euro", hence their name. But this coin's "denomination" is supposed to be 5 euro.

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    Thank you both, gentlemen for the education! I have 2 of these "things". 1 in the photos, the other is in my "World Composers" collection of over 400 coins on musical "themes" (including composers, of course). I just went to my online inventory and put a big red line through the one in my collection with the notation, "remove". Not sure of where both of them will wind up ultimately. Maybe the "box of junk" that I bet every collector has? 🙄

    Again, thanks. Much appreciated.

    Piano 1

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