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Best online resource to see value?

A friend of mine, taking care of his aging/ailing parents, found quite a few US notes (silver certs and some older canadian notes).
Some are average condition and some are likely AU (not sure if any meet UNC desc even though a few may be close).

$1/$2/$5 notes for the US (1935, 1953, 1957 and some $1 AU/UNC 1963 and 1969)
$1 star not AU/UNC L0108236* 1969 B
Canada $1 notes from 1967 Ottawa Centennial 1867-1967...I don't see any serial #s on quick glance (AU/UNC)
Canada $1 notes from 1973 Ottawa (AU/UNC)
Canada $2 notes from 1954 Ottawa )AU/UNC)

Dominion of Canada Jan 2nd, 1900 Well worn 25c (very small bill) (3)
"" "" "" "" "" 1923 "" "" "" "" (2)
"" "' "" Dec 1, 1950 Decent mid condition $1.50 for one, $0.75 for the other

5 Reischsmark note 1942 E8555529

TIA as I try to get him some idea of value (and, let me know any thoughts on best way to liquidate for him...he lives in Florida but is up in Washington State doing some estate stuff for his parents as he preps the house for sale and potentially moving them).

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  • GreenstangGreenstang Posts: 786 ✭✭✭✭

    Speaking for the Canadian bills, the 54, 67 and 73 do not have too much value over face unless they are in GEM condition although certain signatures and serial numbers might be worth a bit more.
    Also if the 1954 is a Devils face variety, then it has a premium.
    The shinplasters value would depend on the variety but in worn condition, do not expect
    there to be too much value.
    If you could supply clear photos of both sides, we might be able to give you a better estimate.
    Maybe break them up on two posts with the US currency on one post and the Canadian on another.

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