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A few new purchases from Long Beach and EBay

CrustyCrusty Posts: 1,060 ✭✭✭✭✭

I stumbled across this silver medal on eBay a few days ago while looking for German Thaler coins. I am new to foreign coins and starting to really get into them. As little as I know about foreign coins, I know even less of medals. I liked the look of this one. I lean towards large silver pieces in general and figured this would fit right into my collection. I think it’s tied for top pop at pcgs. The true view is awesome. But I am having a hell of a time finding out any other basic information. Anybody able to shed a little light on this new purchase? I may end up doing a box of 20 large silver medals now. Any suggestions?

I did manage to find a cool Thaler but this one is not for my box of 20. This one will get added into the raw collection. I fell in love with the reverse design and its originality. Hope to add a few city view Thalers at some point.

Here is another new purchase from eBay. I am currently building a box of 20 large silver foreign coins. Country doesn’t matter. What’s important is that the coins are as original as possible and look cool. I was looking at crowns and this one spoke to me. The true view is nice but the coin is much better in hand. It almost makes me want to collect them by date! Thoughts on this new purchase?

I went to Long Beach on Thursday and ended up adding a few coins to my raw collection of foreign silver. I am less picky with this collection and mainly focus on buying as many as I can from different country’s. Also just buy what I like. Nothing expensive though. Was able to work out a good deal for them and decided to pull the trigger.


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    I have a 1936 official German medal for the Olympics that year

    MS 65

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