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[WTS] Rare Dansco Album: Palestine British Mandate Coins 1927-1964

A heads up that I have a very rare Dansco Album: Palestine British Mandate Coins 1927-1964 up for auction on Ebay! This album comes directly from the late David Lange's personal collection. The album is in excellent condition.

Album History: Nielsen-Porter & Dansco Partnership
This album represents one of the rarest and oddest albums Dansco has made. In the 1970s Whitman was contracted to publish an Israel and Palestine coin album for the R. P. Nielsen company. During this time, however, Whitman was phasing out their old line of albums for the current style that we know today. As such, Dansco was contracted to create the final albums in the series.

Most people do not know that these blue albums were made by Dansco and they are by far one of the most difficult albums to attain.

I am working to become an expert on Dansco albums. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Ebay Auction Link

A reminder that I have plenty of other rare albums on auction as well!

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Happy bidding and let me know if you have any questions!


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