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Anyone have any vehicle or vehicle relates memorabilia?

My Uncle said there is a guy who drives a Batmobile from one of the movies and he has owned it for a while. It's possible the guy sold it since my Uncle rarely gets out.

An acquaintance of mine in my old hometown of Cedar Rapids, IA has a Bugatti Veyron that Drake owned. I think it was a horrible purchase but he just wanted a fast exotic.

All I have is a used tire from the last day a certain class of cars were driving in 2007 at Road America in Wisconsin and then the class was retired. I would need to donmy homework to figure out what it was. I don't remember because it was my best buddies bachelor party weekend. No monetary value but it is a neat piece of art out in the shop.

I'm curious if anyone has a vehicle, license plate, vehicle purchase slip autograph, heck even a bicycle or other related item.

I'd expect a lot of Nascar items people are holding onto.

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