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James Dines, Gold Bug & Saint Collector, R.I.P.

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Happened a bit over a year ago, but I just found out recently and didn't see any threads or posts on this. What made him different from lots of other "Gold Bugs" was that he was also a collector and had some nice gold coins, notably Saints (I believe some of them have his name on the label).


I followed Dines in the 1980's when I was just getting into the markets. This was the decade of the investment newsletter writers, and they had the ability to move the markets: Dines, Robert Prechter, Richard Russell, Stan Weinstein, Al Frank, Robert Farrell of Merril Lynch, Elaine Garzarelli of Lehman Bros., Laslo Byrni of Salomon Brothers, etc. I remember them all and how everybody waited for their mailed or faxed reports.

I saw some of them on the old Financial News Network (FNN, predecessor of today's CNBC) or the Nightly Business Report (anybody remember the humourous Paul Kangas ? :) ). Dines tended to be a bit too bearish overall but he did make some very good calls regarding secular moves in stocks and/or gold (though some would say this was a stopped clock being right 2 times a day)

I believe the Dines Collection is available as one of the search-topics on the Heritage Archives, I'll have to check.


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