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The Great Dansco Sale! [10+ Foreign, Custom, and Continental Line Albums]

As some of you may know, I am a HUGE Dansco nerd. I recently posted a thread documenting the 240+ albums I have acquired over the years. I was able to recently add 50 new albums to my collection!

I was able to do this because I was able to connect with those selling off the late David Lange's personal collection. David was a researcher with NGC [Numismatic Guaranty Company] and had a passion for coin albums and their history. He wrote multiple books delving into the history of U.S. coin album manufacturers such as Whitman and Library of Congress. [The series of books are titled "Coin Collecting Albums - A Complete History & Catalog: Vol 1, 2, 3]. Sadly he was not able to get to Dansco before his passing.

He had the most extensive collection of Dansco albums I had ever seen. [>300 albums!] I was privileged enough to attain a large part of his personal collection to add to my own. I have added the albums I needed and am auctioning off the extras on ebay. Here is what I have in the first batch. I included my knowledge and background of the album in each listing description.

My Ebay Store

Dansco/Continental Line: Hong Kong Typeset Album

Dansco/Continental Line: Switzerland Commemorative Coins Album

Dansco/Continental Line: Scandinavia Commemorative Coins Album

Dansco #7337: Australia Typeset Album

Dansco #7350: Fiji Typeset Album

Dansco #7230: Guatemala Typeset Album

Dansco #7460: Japan Typeset Album

Dansco #7220: Mexico Typeset Album

Dansco #7360: New Guinea Typeset Album

Dansco #7447: New Zealand Typeset Album

Dansco/Nielsen: Israel Agorot-Pound Series II 1969-1975

Dansco/Nielsen: Palestine British Mandate Coins 1927-1946

Dansco/ICC Album: America’s Morgan Silver Dollars

Happy bidding! And if you want to learn more about Dansco's history and follow discoveries I find, you can always follow me on Instagram :)



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