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Coin Photography Systems

My System-400 have been very popular since I started selling them a couple years ago. They are super flexible and can be configured for full-coin photography (from smaller than Dimes to larger than Dollars), for larger items (like full slabs, sets, notes, etc), and even for details (like dates, mintmarks, die cracks, etc). Pricing for a full turnkey system, including camera, copy stand, lens, and lighting, everything you need for high quality coin/slab/etc photos, is around $600. Here's what System-400 looks like:

My System-P1 has also been popular, and gives folks a stable copy stand and lighting platform for getting the most out of their cellphone camera. Pricing includes copy stand (with phone clamp) and lighting and starts around $225. Unlike the stands available online at various auction sites and distributors, my stand allows complete adjustability of camera height so you can properly frame the coin or slab without having to crop or do digital zooms, both of which lower the image quality. Here is what the System-P1 looks like:

PM me with any questions about the systems. I also build custom systems so let me know what you want to do and we can create a system tailored for your needs. I've built systems for museums, auction houses, attribution services, ebay sellers, and just plain old collectors so have lots of experience making sure the system is right for the application. My goal is your success.

For more info on the various systems I've built, a guide on how to specify a system, and lots more info, check out my website at:


PM me for coin photography equipment, or visit my website:

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