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Dwight Evans Rookie Card

I am certainly happy I picked this card up for $200 in 2016….but is there a reason it seems to be going stratospheric? is the HOF speculation building for Evans now? Considering how non-existent his early support was that would be kind of embarrassing for the writers….


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    I've seen that type of behavior all over high grade 1970s commons the past ~18 months, and Evans, especially rookies, is far from a common. It's not at all unusual for me to see a common in 10 sell for 100-300% higher than it has before. Not sure what the pops are in 9 and 10 for Evans, or where this comes from.

    Perhaps a side effect of the increased submission fees? (That is, no one is going to send in a 1976 Bernie Carbo at these new rates that isn't a slam dunk 10, so they have to pay more for one already slabbed a 10.) BTW, it's before my time period, but the last Carbo sold for $1242 compared to a previous high of $510. I wonder what it would go for today! I just picked this card at random, but now I'm wondering what my Bevacqua bubble gum contest card would go for today.

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    @daltex said:

    Not sure what the pops are in 9 and 10 for Evans, or where this comes from.

    82 9s and 8 10s

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    Dwight Evans came somewhat close to making the HOF In 2020, receiving 50% of the votes from the veteran's committee. That group of players won't be voted on again until 2025, and there's no absolutely guarantee that Evans will make the jump to 75%, but the card has taken a leap in value based on speculation. Personally, I think his chances of getting in in 2025 are less than 50% as the voters are likely to be different and he'll still be up against Parker, Garvey, Whitaker and some other big names.

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